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Zyan Burmese Kittens

Burmese Kitten exploring the BED!Some photos of Zyan's Burmese Kittens.  These are not professional photos, but genuine snapshots of the kittens in the home!  Enjoy looking at them.

Zyan Burmese Cats

These are photos of the Burmese cats at Zyan Cattery.  We will be adding more and more - as we find special ones!  So be sure to visit again.

Zyan's Zhanna

Zyan's Zhanna.  She doens't need much introducing to the South African market - most people have seen her in the Plascon TV advert - an advert that had the logenst time slot of any advert - 55 seconds!  And ran for 3 years, is stil flighted!

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